In 2008, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), together with the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, established the Korea Health Industry Development Institute USA (KHIDI USA). Based in New York, KHIDI USA was founded concurrently with branches in Singapore and China, in order to facilitate the overseas expansion of the Korean healthcare industry, as well to encourage partnerships with overseas institutions.


While supporting the entry of Korean pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical supplies, and functional foods into the US market, KHIDI USA also works to attract foreign patients to Korea and to promote Korea’s healthcare services. Furthermore, KHIDI USA attains the role of publicizing the advanced technologies and outstanding human resources of the Korean healthcare industry to the international community, including that of the US.

KHIDI USA also supports the efforts of the APEC Harmonization Center (AHC) in striving for international regulatory cooperation. Through MOUs with foreign governments, industries, and academia, KHIDI USA works to broaden awareness of the Korean healthcare sector and to contribute to the advancement of global healthcare.



  • To support the Korean health industry in attaining overseas authorization, in achieving overseas expansion, in gaining entry into foreign markets, in supporting the export of technologies, and in attracting buyers
  • To gather and provide information on the health industry, as well as on trade
  • To attract foreign patients and to support the advance of Korean medical services
  • To build a partnership with America’s medical community
  • To encourage international cooperation and support the activities of international organizations