Providing countermeasures in time while proposing mid to long term industrial development strategy, including enhancing health industry regulations, commercialization of medical service, and analysis of industry forecast.

  • Expansion of industry includes analysis of ripple effect, world economy trend, and its effect on health industry in Korea.
  • Practice of sustainable management such as strengthening statistics study, establishing statistical DB, and establishing information sharing system.

Establishing development plan and developing policies for health industry

In-depth study on policies to vitalize health industry

  • Study on normalization in industry through restructuring and enhancing transparency in pharmaceutical industry
  • Developing strategies for the promotion of prospective medical equipment manufacturers that includes small and medium sized companies
  • Establishing measures of finding information to vitalize beauty product with countries that has prospective in overseas market
  • Application of New Food Safety Regulations and its Impact Analysis between industries
  • Establishing bio-cluster development strategy to support planning of OSONG Life Science Complex

In-depth study on policy planning for the commercialization of medical service

  • To support government’s policy administration work, and policy development by finding critical issues related to medical service, overseas markets, and their economic effect
  • Analysis of difficulties of medical service system in entering overseas market and its economic effect
  • Study on vitalizing health related service industry

Prospect of Health Industry and Effect Analysis

  • Forecasting the prospective of health industry in pace with the change in world market
  • Analysis of ripple effect of each factor on health industry and its contribution to health industry
  • Analysis of FTA between Korea and Australia and Development of effective counterplan

Analysis of Health Industry Policies and Trend

Analysis/Provision of critical issues in health industry

  • Publishing issue report on pending policies those that health industry is faced with
  • Analysis of policies and regulations in developed countries, focusing particularly on issues at present

Trend Analysis in Health Industry and Providing it in time

  • Condition Analysis on medicine: trend in domestic and overseas market, forecast, change in industrial organization
  • Health Industry White Paper: Statistics, policy issue, market and R&D trend
  • Health Industry Statistics: Index to understand the overall change in industry
  • Trend Analysis Report in Medical Service Industry: Forecast on growth rate, economic  and contribution rate

Management of Health Industry Promotion Forum

  • Publishing experts’ forum, issuing forum articles, and providing them online

Establishing Health Industry integrated Statistical Database, and Providing relevant Information

Establishing Health Industry Statistical Database and Conducting Statistical Survey

  • Implementation of establishing health industry statistical DB
  • Investigation/Analysis of Health Industry Statistics, provision of data, periodical provision

Establishing Health-Industry Information Provision System, corresponding to Client’s needs

  • Reinforcing the function of providing customized information
  • Improving the efficiency of internal computer network through enhancing management information system and increasing security

2. Reinforcing the Capacity of Health Industry

Selecting a field that has high potential of success that also complies with policy by concentrating on administration support.

※ It requires an immediate attention to globalize health industry due to FTA: overseas licensing, attracting overseas patients, and running overseas branches

Focusing on the efficiency and specialization of project, in terms of performance level review

  • Focusing on the efficiency and specialization of project, in terms of performance level review

BIO-HEALTH Technology Commercialization Support

Health Industry Technology Evaluation/Transfer/Trade

  • Finding/Evaluating systematic and specialized technology
  • Vitalizing Technology Trade/Transfer

Overseas Engineering/Technology Trade Support

  • Finding prospective technology to be exported/imported, preparing DB, and disclosing them online
  • Making engineering marketing data/material and implementing online & offline marketing

Financing Support to Bio-technology (technology financing and investment)

  • Liaison with investors after preparing an engineering feasibility study report
  • Activating network with financing institutions specializing in technology, and hosting investment forum/conference

Hosting Bio Korea

  • Planning and Managing details of events such as conference, exhibition, and business forum.

BIO-HEALTH Certification and Consulting

Certification Project for Goods of Health (GH) and Health Technology HT)

  • Promoting GH and HT Certification as national certification
  • Strengthening the promotion of certification and symbol to the public
  • Supporting commercialization of certification technology

Health Industry Licensing Support

  • Supporting the fee for overseas licensing fee
  • Supporting overseas professional licensing and licensing process
  • Establishing global network to facilitate collaboration on licensing

Patent Support for Health Industry

  • Health Industry Patent Application/Registration Support
  • Providing patent information and training, designed for researchers in health industry

Health Safety Consulting Support

  • Online & home-shopping consulting project
  • Consulting Support Project associated with discount store/school, hospital, and meals for children
  • Cosmetic consulting support project
  • HACCP Consulting Project Support
  • Other supportive consulting projects in other health industry


Supporting Medical Service Industry to extend its business abroad

  • Promoting foreigners to have medical treatments in Korea
  • Supporting medical institution to venture into overseas market

KHIDI – Overseas Branch (U.S., Singapore, China, England, UAE, Kazakhstan)

  • Major Activity
    1. Support to receive overseas license
    2. Support in export business that are entering overseas markets
    3. Liaison with prospective buyers
    4. Collecting market information and import/export information
    5. Support for overseas technology import/export
    6. Support for international collaboration and activities with international organizations
    7. FTA negotiation and handling/supporting post-measures

Overseas Marketing Support for Health Industry

  • Operation of Health and Medical Service Export Support Center
  • Strengthening marketing and export support including support to participate in overseas exhibition, to mobilize marketing specialists to prospective market, etc.
  • Providing information on import/export by operating Export/Import Information Bank

Establishing Measures to cope with and support international trade negotiation in health industry sector

  • Supporting trade FTA, WTO, etc.
  • Finding difficulties particular to overseas marketing for respective industry, and putting them on the agenda for further trade discussion

Diversification of international collaboration and Contribution to international community

  • Strengthening cooperation by establishing collaboration system with international institution and by exchanging technology/carrying joint research project
  • Supporting collaboration with international organizations and invitation of health and medical service personnel from developing countries to Korea

Hospital’s Capacity and Competitiveness

Hospital Management Support

  • Collecting opinions on difficulties to run small/medium sized hospitals, and Supporting to establish relevant policies
  • Hospital Management Consulting Business

Policy Development Support to improve the organizational structure and management of small and medium hospitals

  • Providing hospital management analysis and data
  • Study on the management policy of sickbeds

Management of Accounting Standards for Medical Institution to improve accounting transparencies

  • Project support to establish accounting standards for medical institutions

Operation of Loan Hospital Project Management

  • Support of Loan Policy, Fund Collection Status Analysis, Monitoring loan support, and hospital

Training BIO-HEALTH Professionals

Training Professionals that satisfies the needs of health industry

  • Training Professional for respective industry
    • General Health Industry: A program of Technology Commercialization Strategy
    • Food Industry: HACCP Teal Leader Program, etc.
    • Medical Equipment Industry: Medical Equipment Clinical Test Program, etc.
    • Medical Industry: CQI Beginner’s Program, etc.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry: Medicine Patent Business Process, etc.
    • Cosmetics Industry : Cosmetics Clinical Test Program, etc.
    • Senior-friendly Industry: elderly-care facility management program, etc.
  • Developing and Operating training program that meets the needs of health industry

Reviewing the level of satisfaction on training service

  • Re-evaluating training program, based on the result analysis of training management evaluation
  • Strengthening customer satisfaction by continuously improving training services

3. Health and Medical Service Technology R&D Support

Establishing effective and efficient support system for R&D projects by improving technicality, and transparency of R&D evaluation system

※ Improving Service and System for researcher’s benefit such as administrative procedure, forms

Health and Medical Service R&D Survey/Analysis & Planning Support Project

Survey and Analysis on Health and Medical Service Technology

  • Analysis on Health and Medical Service R&D Trend in Korea and Overseas
  • R&D Statistical Analysis on Health and Medical Service
  • Management of HT Forum

Health and Medical Service R&D Planning Support

  • Supporting Health and Medical Service R&D Policy Development
  • Searching/Planning/Revising new health and medical service R&D projects
  • Establishing a plan for international collaboration on health and medical service R&D

Fair and Transparent R&D Evaluation Administration

R&D Project Evaluation

  • Evaluation on new/ongoing/completed projects in health and medical service promotion and the development of new Korean traditional medicine treatment
  • Project Team Assessment
  • Implementation of systematic project management, including revising project agreement, performance analysis, progress management, etc.

R&D Project Management Support

  • legislation/enactment of account balancing and budgetary control, operation regulation, administration guideline, revising regulation, parliamentary inspection of the administration
  • Effective Project Management includes agreement on project scheme and payment of research expense
  • Operation of R&D Computer System (Electronic Contract, Establishing Performance DB, Security System, etc.)

Improving R&D System for Customer Satisfaction

  • Improving system to review the evaluation expertise and efficacy
  • Improving Support Service for researcher’s benefit

R&D Performance Management

R&D Performance Analysis and Utilization

  • Responding effectively to survey, analysis, evaluation on national research development projects
  • Collecting R&D project royalty and systematic management

R&D Research Marketing

  • Government award to those who contributed for the promotion of health and medical service

4. Government Project Experience

Continuously expanding the scope of existing project by collaborating with government on promoting nutrition management and senior-friendly industry
※ Expanding public health and nutrition management projects
※ Supporting senior-friendly industry, after the introduction of senior-long term care insurance 

Promoting Senior-friendly Industry

Designating Senior-friendly Product and Business

  • Administration of designating senior-friendly products, and pilot-testing its administration
  • Upgrading internet homepage and Enhancing DB for information sharing on health equipment

Policy Development and Establishing Infrastructure for the promotion of senior-friendly Industry

  • Policy exchange on senior-friendly industry, and establishing the foundation of information sharing
  • Policy development & Survey/Analysis to support senior-friendly industry
  • Developing and operating “Information Desk for Long-term Senior Care Service”
  • Developing training programs for a senior-friendly industry to support its management

Establishing Nutrition Management Service, and Supporting Nutrition Policy

Establishing Nutrition-related DB & Providing customized information

  • Establishing nutrition-related DB, such as recipe database
  • Publishing nutrition statistical data
  • Establishing evaluation system on health risk for nutrition management

Survey on customized nutrition/dietary plan

  • Conducting a survey on national health nutrition, calculating data, and tracking quality of database
  • Planning and Implementing dietary life for respective age-groups

Nutrition Policy Development Support

  • Supporting to establish a short or long term national nutrition policy in accordance with national nutrition management legislation, and special law on Children Dietary Safety Management

Support of Establishing Nutrition Management Service

  • Project to educate the public on low-salt intake
  • Establishing the foundation of nutrition management service industry

Supporting to enhance the level of beauty industry

Inviting international beauty specialists to Korea for K-beauty vitalization

  • Establishing a plan to promote and revitalize beauty industry
  • Developing K-Beauty training program
  • Inviting overseas beauty specialist to South Korea

Supporting overseas marketing for K-Beauty

  • Hosting K-Beauty Fair
  • Overseas marketing support for domestic beauty service providers