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2022 KHIDI USA-KASBP Boston Career Development Workshop(10.7.2022)

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Theme: Career Development Workshop:


US EST: 10/07/2022 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM


CIC Cambridge (5th Fl. Venture Cafe): 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142


- To share the panelists' experiences about developing their career paths as a patent attorney, a government agency, a consultant, and a senior scientist in bio-pharmaceutical fields as well as to provide a networking opportunity among the Korean companies in the Boston area and early professionals throughout academia and industries.

About the presenter:

- Panel Discussion about Career development

Moderator: HaeWon Chung, PhD, Asimov


· Eunice Park, PhD, Consultant

· Young C Jung, PhD, Mersana Therapeutics

· Stella S. Lee, PhD, FDA

· Joohee Lee, JD, PhD, Fox Rothschild LLP

- Sponsor Company Introductions

Participated companies (4 companies):

Yuhan USA, Fox Rothschild LLP, IVIM, CKD (Chong Kun Dang)


Made 8 subgroups and assigned participants into each group randomly to make them a new network and to improve participants’ engagement.

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