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Global Partnerships

To help Korean companies enter the US market, KHIDI USA supports their global business collaboration. To optimize networking opportunities, KHIDI USA provides support in different areas:

US maket entry support
Business Meeting

US Market
Entry Support

To promote and enhance Korea’s healthcare industry, KHIDI supports companies in entering foreign markets and KHIDI USA supports entering the US market through its market insight and resources. By providing support and guidance for global partnerships, local policy, and licensing, we help optimize the US market entry process, ensuring that companies successfully set initial footprints for global expansion.

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Local Policy Guidance

When entering the US market, local policies and regulations are one of the key barriers to healthcare companies’ market entry. To optimize this process, KHIDI USA provides guidance through regulations and policies of federal health agencies including the FDA, using our industry knowledge acquired through many years of global market experience.

Business Development

Utilizing our resources and insights on the US healthcare industry landscape, KHIDI USA aims for Korea’s high-quality products and technology to reach further in the US market, which serves as a significant step for global expansion.

Provide consultation and insight on US licensing and relevant regulatory landscape

Support Korean healthcare product exports and technology transfers

Aid with finances involved in licensing/business development activities

R&D Investment

KHIDI invests in innovative companies to support their R&D process and help seek external investment opportunities in early rounds to encourage innovation and continuation of research. KHIDI USA helps seek joint R&D opportunities in the US to expand the R&D to a global scale.

Busy Conference


KHIDI aims to support global business expansion by facilitating the commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device products through KHIDI’s investment and KHIDI USA's support in local investment and investor relations activities.

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Local Funding and

Investor Relations Support

KHIDI USA provides services in the US from consultation, funding, and investor relations to support businesses throughout entire funding phase, ensuring great healthcare technologies and ideas are commercialized.

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Maintain network of investors and biopharma investment funds


Help seek investment and business development opportunities in the US


Share grant and funding opportunities through US health agencies and small business support organizations

 Market Intelligence

KHIDI USA acquires market intelligence through extensive market research and analysis, providing significant market updates and data. We analyze current US health industry issues and policies and create study reports on the US market trend, US health industry policies, and the overall health system.

Experts Panel


KHIDI USA constantly works to establish industry resources to acquire market intelligence and expand our US healthcare network. Our networking, research, and analysis efforts allow us to provide optimal market advisory and resources as well as creating potential for business collaboration.

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Industry Events & Networking

In order to constantly expand and maintain our US healthcare network, KHIDI USA engages in a variety of healthcare events. This includes events hosted by KHIDI, other major healthcare forums and conferences that take place across the US, and partner organization events sponsored by KHIDI USA.

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