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2022 Korean-American Bioscience Forum (January 22nd)

2022 전미 한인 생명과학자의 날

미국내 대표 한인 생명과학자 협회인 NEBS, NYKB, KOLIS, KLAM 합동 온라인 컨퍼런스

2022년 1월 22일 (토) 1-5pm (동부시간 기준)

Forum Speakers:

- 노승언 박사 (Seung-Eun Roh) - Johns Hopkins University

"Imaging immediate early gene NPTX2 at synapses in vivo during critical period plasticity and behavior relevant to schizophrenia"

- 이상수 박사 (Sang Soo Lee) - Johns Hopkins University

"Plasticity of an excitatory thalamic circuit controls homeostatic SWS persistence"

- 김태완 박사 (Taewan Kim) - Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute

"Human Pluripotent Stem Cell based Platform to study and treat Parkinson's Disease"

- 박정환 박사 (Jung Park) - Columbia University

"Novel experience resets brain circuitry to facilitate cognitive flexibility"

- 김은하 박사 (Eunha Kim) - Harvard Medical School

"Maternal gut bacteria drives intestinal inflammation in offspring with neurodevelopmental disorders by altering the chromatin landscape of CD4+ T cells"

- 윤혜진 박사 (Haejin Yoon) - Harvard Medical School

"Dynamic regulation of mitochondrial metabolism in metabolic disease"

- 김헌석 박사 (Heonseok Kim) - Stanford University

"Single cell characterization of CRISPR-modified transcript isoforms with nanopore sequencing"

- 윤혁석 박사 (John Yoon) - University of California Davis

"Molecular control of thermogenesis and energy balance

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