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BioKorea Conference: International Collaboration in Advancing Innovation and Development (Seoul, May 10.2024)

Updated: Apr 25

  • Date: May 10(Fri) 2024, 1:20 - 4:20 pm

    • BIO KOREA 2024: May 8 - 10, 2024

  • Venue: Seoul COEX Room 307, South Korea

  Collaborative environments are key to fostering innovation and key developments in the healthcare, biotech, and life science industries. Boston boasts the largest bio healthcare cluster in the United States. Universities, research institutions, hospitals and businesses coexist, fostering innovative research and development through organic collaboration, ensuring a perpetually vibrant business market.

    Since 1999, CIC has acted as a global leader in creating such environments across the US and the world. As more companies look to internationalize and expand their reach, these innovation hubs can act as key spaces in bolstering collaborative activity and innovation. This session will provide an overview of how innovation is fostered through hubs of activity, particularly in the life sciences. The discussion, led by Assistant Director of CIC Institute, Ayano Kagami, will focus on how innovation hubs can catalyze innovation and international expansion efforts, using CIC's Japan Desk and CIC Institute's programs as case studies. Companies in the Korea Bio Healthcare at CIC will share their learning lessons in international expansion, and resources they’ve found to be impactful as they grow their businesses.

    Also we explore strategies to advance the development of a Korean style healthcare(K-healthcare) cluster and further expand innovative collaboration between Korea and Boston, drawing upon the experiences and insights of professionals who have worked or are currently working in Boston.

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