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2021 MOHW - KAPAL Meeting

MOHW – KAPAL Meeting 2021 was hosted by KHIDI USA

Kwon Deok-cheol (Minister of Health and Wealth, Republic of Korea) and KAPAL (Korea-American Professional Association in Life Sciences) had a meeting in Washington DC on MAY 22, 2021 to develop the cooperation between the Korea and US in Bio Industry.

Date: MAY 22, 2021

Time: 18:00 PM – 20:00 PM

Location: Willard InterContinental Hotel, Washington DC

MOHW-KAPAL Meeting 2021 was the 1st Meeting with Minister of Health and Welfare (Kwon Deok-cheol)

During the meeting the KAPAL discussed with Minister Kwon on Korea-U.S. life science cooperation and the development direction of the Korean bio industry such as supporting program for visa and finance.

Korean-American Professional Association in Life Sciences (KAPAL) is a non-profit organization open to anyone who is interested in learning life science, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the development of all areas of life science.

For more information on KAPAL, please visit the website:

MOHW-KAPAL, Willard InterContinental Hotel, Washington DC (MAY 22, 2021)

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