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2022 KHIDI USA - KASBP Boston Startup Seminar (4.29.2022)


Startup seminar and Networking: ‘Growing a Korean American Biotech’


US EST: 4/29/2022 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM


CIC Cambridge (5th Fl. Venture Cafe) : 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142


- To share founders’ experiences about starting and operating Korean American Biotech Startups and to build a network among the Korean companies in the Boston area and early professionals throughout academia and industries.

About the presenter:

Session A: Keynote Lecture Sung Joo Lee Ph.D., CEO at Orum Therapeutics

Session B: Q&A with Panel discussion

- Moderator: Sinyoung Jeong, Ph.D., CEO at Intek Scientific


- Sung Joo Lee, Ph.D., CEO at Orum Therapeutic

- Branden Ryu, Ph.D., CEO at Biorchestra

- Jun Young Hong, Ph.D., CSO at Sedec Therapeutics

Session C: Company Introduction and Networking

Participated companies (11 companies): Biorchestra, Genosco, Interon Laboratories, Orum Therapeutics, Yuhan USA, SK Inc., CJ CheilJedang, Hanwha Impact, K2B Therapeutics, Olix Pharmaceuticals, Samyang Biopharm USA

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