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8/9 - 8/16 North America Healthcare Market Weekly Report

<Weekly Report>

[1] FDA Authorizes Covid-19 Boosters for Certain Immunocompromised - WSJ



[4] U.S. Military Will Require Covid-19 Vaccine - The New York Times (

[5]Moderna to Build Vaccine Plant in Canada - WSJ




[9] S. Korea urges rapid vaccine supply during protest visit to Moderna (

[10] Bluebird to wind down business in Europe amid gene therapy struggles | BioPharma Dive

[11]Roche sets bar in early lymphoma treatment with Polivy study results | BioPharma Dive

[12] More than 2.5 Million Americans Gain Health Coverage During Special Enrollment Period |

[13] FDA rejects FibroGen's kidney drug in major blow to company | BioPharma Dive

[14]Merck wins approval for Keytruda combo as kidney cancer treatment | BioPharma Dive

[15] Rhode Island, Massachusetts Healthcare Provider Resolves Allegations of Discriminatory Practices Regarding Patients Needing Opioid Use Disorder Treatment |

[16]HCA accused of hospital monopoly in North Carolina | Healthcare Dive

[17] Biden embraces Medicare drug price negotiation as Democrats seek to widen health coverage | BioPharma Dive

[18] VA leaves Aduhelm off coverage list, recommending against controversial Alzheimer's drug | BioPharma Dive



[21] Mask Mandate Not Unconstitutional, DOJ Tells Man Suing CDC, Airlines (

[22]NY's new governor says mask mandates for schoolchildren are necessary step | Reuters

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