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[NYHF] 2023 Trends in New Drug Development(1.31.2023)

NYHF Special Webinar III

* Date: Jan 31th 202 3 (Tuesday) 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)

* Location: Webinar

Covid-19, drug pricing legislation and new technologies have transformed the biopharma industry during the last few years. New drug discovery and development has rapidly evolved with advancement in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI).

However, a decline in R&D productivity and economic conditions pose a threat to continuing innovation in the global biopharma industry. In this webinar, renowned industry experts and leaders will address the 2023 challenges and prospects and discuss

strategies to move forward.

New York Health Forum ( was founded to strengthen healthcare partnerships and knowledge sharing at all levels, including industry, academia, medical facilities, research facilities, service providers, and financial investors. NYHF’s mission is to present significant agendas of the healthcare industry; to contribute to public health by bringing out public concerns to be discussed and solved; and to gather the sound of health policy, science innovation, and industry development.

Webinar ID: 884 8430 0152

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