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NYHF Special Webinar 1for K-Pharma / Bio Industry (11.10.2022)

President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on Biotech: The Impact on Korean Biopharma Industry

The New York Health Forum will convene a special webinar to contextualize President

Joe Biden's Executive Order (EO 14081) announced in September 2022 and

examine how the US government's approach to launching a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative will impact the Korean biopharma industry with featured speakers Dr. Joe McMenamin, MD, JD and Dr. Chul S. Hyun, MD, PhD

* Date: Nov 10th, 2022 (Thu) 4pm

* Location: Online

NYHF special Webinar 1 Flyer_K blockbuster
Download PDF • 696KB

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