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The 6th KAPAL Annual Conference & The 12th

The 6th KAPAL Annual Conference (11/17 - 18) & the 12th ABES (11/18) You are cordially invited to the 6th KAPAL Annual Conference and the 12th ABES. Over the past four years, the conference has grown steadily, with an increasing number of participants from Korea and U.S. Last year, over 250 attendees and over 50 companies came together from multiple disciplines in the life sciences: the healthcare industry, academia, and public research institutions, such as FDA and NIH. The KAPAL Annual Conference aims to provide business opportunities through collaboration among professionals and companies in drug development and life science. We strive to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas and strategies for success across the healthcare industry. This year’s conference will be more informative and synergistic for the growth of US-Korea collaboration in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The 6th KAPAL Annual Conference will provide opportunities to:

  • Special FDA sessions

  • Collaborate with Korean pharmaceutical and biotech companies

  • Expand your professional network in the Korean-American life science community

  • Develop unique perspectives on the Korean healthcare industry through keynote speakers and other presentations from leading Korean biopharmaceuticals and biotechs

You can find more information and updates at Please direct any inquiries and feedback to *When you become a KAPAL member, you can get a discount for KAC registration. KAPAL MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION LINK Discount code: KAPAL The 12th Annual Bioscience & Engineering Symposium (ABES) NIH-Korean Scientist Association (NIH-KSA) is organizing the 12th ABES on November 18th. The ABES focuses on fundamental research and early discovery in life science. Many exciting findings and reports are to be presented, which may become a platform for new drug development. There will be career development presentations as well to share experiences and tips for all who are interested in the next opportunity. For more information, refer to We look forward to meeting you at the 6th KAPAL Annual Conference and the 12th ABES The KAPAL and NIH-KSA committee

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