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[KHIDI USA & KASBP-Boston & KSEA-NE] Joint Seminar on Clinical Biostatistic (12.16.2022)

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

After long COVID on-line activity, we are hosting year-end party with KASBP-Boston. We will have dinner and drink onsite. Please find the details below.

1. December 16, Friday 5-9pm

2. Venture Cafe, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. (will need ID )

3. Parking: CIC parking garage - $12 after 5pm

4. Seminar:

  • Kyounghwa Bae (Senior Director, Head of Biometrics, Gritstone Bio.)

  • WHAT do Clinical Biostatisticians do and HOW to work with them?

RSVP link is here - RSVP Click! due by tomorrow (12/04)

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